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About us.

The YeokSam Catholic Church was founded in August 1st, 1984 with Korean Choi, Kyunghwan(최경환) Francisco as our saint. The English Mass started in 2002 to meet the spiritual and worship needs of the English speaking parishners—business peronnel, foreign students and expats, so we are in our 16th year as of 2018. We feel incredibly lucky to serve mass for the people from countries such as Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, US, Ghana, Kenya as well as Tanzania!!! There are other English Masses in Seoul. However, we are the only one in Gangnam meaning South of the River Han area. Yeoksam Catholic Church with its beautiful architecture and splendid sacred arts is a place to visit in the midst of concrete building jungle of Gangnam. You would be pleasantly surprised that such church exists just one block away from the busy main road providing such peacefulness and a place of worship. At present, we are very fortunate to have Very Rev. Msgr. Marco Sprizzi who belongs to the Apostolic Nunciature in Korea from the Vatican as our priest. His homilies are inspiring and he does have a great sense of humor!! Next time you are in Gangnam area, please come by and celebrate mass with us! Sundays at 4.pm. You will be surprised to find many people with interesting and diverse backgrounds during our after mass coffee and doughnuts time. We welcome English speakers of all levels!

Confession: Every Sunday before and after the Mass.
English Mass: Every Sunday 4.pm Place: Kyunghwandang (경환당) Chapel, on the floor B1 of the church main building.

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  • · Church office : 02-554-0801
  • · Email : Ysemchurch@naver.com
  • · Facebook : YeokSamEnglishMass